From our brand new offices in Darlington, JCM supply ultra high performance triple glazed timber and aluminium clad timber windows and doors to the whole of the North East of the uk and beyond. We are proud to partner with whom we consider to be the leaders within the industry, namely 'NorDan windows and doors'.

Why choose NorDan?

Ever since their first window was crafted in 1926, NorDan has focused on quality! Their production method is a fusion of modern technology and traditional craftsman skills, which help them ensure that we deliver a high quality product. Natural materials provide genuine quality.

A safe home is a comfortable home. That is why NorDan build their solid doors and windows out of real, robust materials. Security is paramount at NorDan. Our security window is among the best products you can choose to safeguard your home against attempted intruders.

Scandinavian timber is at the heart of our product range. We source timber from sustainable forestry and impregnate it in a gentle and effective manner. Environmental considerations are important for NorDan and for our customers.

As well as our range of high performance timber windows and doors, JCM are also proud suppliers of Sunflex. High performance aluminium and timber bi folding and sliding doors.

Unlike some of our competitors, JCM offer a supply and installation service. We can provide a complete service to you from initial conception through to final handover and have our own professionally trained craftsmen who provide a nationwide installation service.

Our extensive experience with triple glazed timber and aluminium clad timber windows and doors is second to none having dealt with triple glazed products for over 10 years. During which time, we have been extremely proud to have completed a project for the television program 'Grand Designs', based in York.

Our experience has led us to supply and maintain visually appealing, highly insulative products which also achieve the utmost levels of environmentally friendly manufacture. The perfect blend of high performance, beauty and responsibility.

We have a long list of returning customers who appreciate our products, our expertise and our exceptional customer service.